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Whats unique about Chewable Toothbrush?

Chewable Toothbrush is designed by a dentist, it is a unique baby toothbrush that uses chewing to help clean baby teeth and gums. Chewing comes naturally to babies, toddlers and young children and they find it easier and more comfortable to do than brushing.

1.helps clean teeth
2.massages gums
3.soothes tender gums

It is soft and flexible, making it gentle on tender gums and more comfortable in young mouths. Babies find it facinating, bendy and fun.

It hasve soft bristles massage gums and help to remove the sugars, starches and other foods that can lead to tooth decay from little teeth and gums. Babies and toddlers can use it to learn to clean their teeth, morning and at bedtime, and this encourages good oral hygiene habits right from when they get their first tooth as well as promoting their dental health.

Chewing is great for baby teeth and gums! The saliva produced by chewing has the important function of neutrilising the acids produced by bacteria in the mouth which harm teeth. It also washes away the food particles that these bactiera love from the surface of teeth and gums. Brush-Baby encourages chewing which produces saliva so it's also great to use during the day to help keep teeth and gums clean particularly after mealtimes or sweet treats!
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